After showcasing he could hang with the O.G.’s after paying tribute to the O’Jays at The BET Awards, Trey Songz is now waiting to unveil his third LP, Ready, dropping August 4. Already rocking the airwaves with the new singles “LOL” and “I Need A Girl” and getting heavy spins with his collaborations with Toronto’s King, Drake, with “Successful,” R. Kelly’s thorn spoke with Hip-Hop Wired on his upcoming project and what fans can expect.

“We got Stargate, Troy Taylor and Jermaine Dupri on production. Johnta Austin co-executive produced it. Bryan Michael Cox, Eric Hudson, Sean Garrett and I did a lot of writing on it as well. It’s actually funny because the vibe is actually changing on the album because I don’t stop working. We actually turned the album in and it’s not often that I ask my release date to be pushed back but I asked for my date to be pushed back so I could keep going ‘cause I’m in a creative space that’s nice. I’m making the best music I ever made and when I say that I’m dead A$$ serious.”

The VA crooner and Hip-Hop hook master is also about to take his shot at Hollywood. Speaking of his upcoming rfilm, he revealed:

“I got a small role in a movie entitled “The Preacher’s Kid.” It’s Wendy Williams’ movie, I did a small role in that. LeToya Luckett’s in it, Tank is starring in it as well. LeToya Luckett’s actually “The Preacher’s Kid” and she runs astray and I’m a man out of her past that comes through briefly and we chat it up. She’s dealing with another man at the time and I’m married. We just see each other briefly and we chop it up real quick. In the Wendy Williams’ movie, I play a pivotal role as the first DJ to ever put her on air.”

Trey also explained that music is still his passion and that the acting wouldn’t overshadow his musical agenda.

“What I’m doing with my acting, I’m making sure I take small steps. I don’t wanna jump off in something I can’t handle but a lot of people told me I’m a natural for it; a lot of people in great positions. The timing just hasn’t been right as far as recording and shooting. We turned down a lot of movies we had due to recording schedules or touring or promoting the album. I’m very interested in acting and one thing about music being my first love, I wanna make sure that I’m able to give acting that same time and dedication and respect that I give music. I don’t wanna just think that I’m gonna come in and people say that I’m a natural so I’mma just come in and be acting. I wanna take the craft seriously.”

Trey also received some notable coverage last month when he went at “The King Of R&B,” R. Kelly, over Jay-Z’s “D.O.A. (Death Of Autotune). Songz, often called the next R.Kelly, vented his disapproval of the Pied Piper’s generous use of Auto-Tune in many of his new songs; showing maximum disappointment in Kelly’s Double Up remake that was done totally in the infamous vocader.

Offering an explanation for what many R&B aficionados would consider nothing less than pure blasphemy, Songz said,

“When I heard Jay-Z’s “Death of Auto-Tune,” my first thought was when will R. Kelly stop using it; The King of R&B with a Auto-Tune filled mixtape (not to mention a auto tuned Double Up album) disappoints me. If throwing rocks at the throne wakes up the King, consider them thrown. I just want R. Kelly back…”

While R&B fans wait for the real R. Kelly to show back up, Trey Songz is further heating the streets up with the mixtape Anticipation until Ready is unleashed next month.

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