Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Ronald”Slim” Williams, are taking their business savvy, sharpened by their days of running their Cash Money Empire, to new heights.

The two brothers and business partners have formed Bronald Oil & Gas Company, playing off their first names Bryan and Ronald.

With the new oil company, they’ll expand their business venture to various states including their home state of Louisiana, Osage County, Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida and hope to find “environmentally friendly” energy resources.

A company statement from the Bronald website reads,

“Bronald is committed to working cooperatively with governments and private enterprise to recover energy from known oil and gas reserves throughout North and Central America in an environmentally friendly manner,” and it “intends to utilize both historically successful technologies and means, as well as new innovations and technology, to recover energy resources in both and economic and environmentally efficient manner. Bronald is committed to preserving the environment, promoting worker safety and maximizing the potential output of various oil and gas assets.”

Birdman also recently got a tattoo with the Bronald Oil & Gas emblem on his head.

This is of course before he got that infamous star.

No knock though, that’s a big move for them.

What other label is investing in oil and gas?

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