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Mayor Bloomberg has a knack for drawing criticism and firing up conspiracy theorists. This week, Mr. Stop-And-Frisk suggested that all public housing residents should be fingerprinted to enter their homes, for their own safety. 

Bloomberg made the comments on his weekly radio show on Friday, August 16. “The people that live there, most of them, want more police protection . . . if you have strangers walking in the halls of your apartment building, don’t you want somebody to stop and say, ‘Who are you? Why are you here?’,” said Bloomberg on WOR Radio according to the New York Post. “Because the locks on these doors [break] with so many people coming and going.”

He added, “What we really should have is fingerprinting to get in.”
Say what now? Invasion of privacy much?

The Mayor’s reps quickly made note that he was just sounding out an idea, not actually hoping to get fingerprint scanners in the projects. Mind you this is the same guy that supported the electronic fingerprinting of food stamp applicants as a means to combat fraud.

But hey, the new iPhone 5 will reportedly have a fingerprint sensor, too. So this all can’t be a way to keep a catalog of everyone for the government’s own sinister  nefarious reasons, right?

Also, despite a federal judge deeming NYPD’s infamous stop-and-frisk policy unconstitutional, NYC has filed an appeal of the ruling, at Bloomberg’s behest.

Photo: NYC Mayor’s Office

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