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Think back if you can, scour your memory banks and try telling yourself that it didn’t feel great to be a kid?! Nowadays, the stuff that comes on air is a bit adult even for the most developed young mind, but back in the day, you had some pretty exciting choices. Shows like Family Guy, Adventure Time, and Regular Show have all culled a memorable spot in one’s heart with their memorable tunes, but most people forget the obvious classics in favor of today’s recent successes.

With or without lyrics, these past small screen wonders managed to trigger all sorts of sensory responses: laughter, eagerness for adventure, or pure adrenaline.

The animated TV theme songs presented in this list will make you feel nostalgic in ways that might seen foreign, but don’t fret, we’re in a no judgment zone. While you don’t have to plug these cuts into your iPod playlist for your early morning jog, these short and addictive ditties will instantly get you in the mood to pour a big bowl of Cap’n Crunch and veg out with the quickness.

Photo: Deviant Art

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