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Yes, you read right. Anarchy broke out at Avon Park Youth Academy, a juvenile detention center in Florida‘s Polk County, during a full-on riot that stemmed from a reneged bet over a basketball game. The reward and ultimately the inspiration behind said carnage, you ask? Well, that would be three Cup O’ Noodles.

All of this happened around 8:30 PM Saturday (August 17) night, when five boys from St. Petersburg refused to pay up on the agreed wager to five boys from Orlando after losing fair and square. Clearly, there was no country for that; what began as a scuffled between the involved parties grew into a melee that required 150 law enforcement officers from various state and local agencies to simmer down.

As a result, 18 of the 20 buildings were destroyed and nearly half of the population had to be jailed.

“This was a full blown riot. I watched them throw objects at us and other deputies,” Sheriff Grady Judd said to ABC Action News.

Seven suffered injuries that warranted a trip to a nearby hospital. One had a broken leg.

The facility houses 138 boys in total, but when the madness concluded around midnight, 64 were taken to the PCSO South County Jail in Frostproof. There they were placed in state custody, separate from adult inmates, under the supervision of G4S — the private corrections company that runs Avon Park.

Read the full story at Huffington Post. See a few photos of the chaos on the following pages.

Photo: Polk County Prison

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