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In news that will surprise no one, DMX was arrested, again, in South Carolina last night after being caught in a car with weed. Surprisingly, he wasn’t driving.  Also, Dark Man X claims he was set up, and told the cops so. 

TMZ reports:

According to DMX, the cops pulled over a car he was riding in for making an illegal U-turn. During the stop, cops say they found weed in the car and put the rapper in ‘cuffs. Cops say they also noticed a warrant out for DMX stemming from a previous driving without a license case and informed him that he needed to go to jail.

X was pissed and began ranting about the situation while a female friend of his recorded the entire incident.

“This ain’t no normal traffic stop,” X screamed … “18 cops, 5 cars, get the f**k outta here man.”

X also claims the driver did nothing wrong — and the car should never have been pulled over in the first place.

“It was legal … they got nothing.”

At one point, you can hear X say, “I’m sweatin’ like a motherf**ker, yo.”

X was eventually hauled to jail in Greer County, SC — and he’s scheduled to face a judge sometime this morning.

X won’t be walking out of the courthouse on bond or with just a fine, though. Authorities say he will likely have to serve 15 days behind bars but can get out in 10 with good behavior.

Hey, at least he wasn’t behind the wheel since, ya know, he doesn’t have a driver’s license. The “Get At Me Dog” also suffered an asthma attack during the arrested but was treated at the scene.

Back in July, DMX was arrested for driving with no license and without a seatbelt after being pulled over in his station wagon.

This man’s struggle has reached epic levels. Watch video footage of DMX’s latest arrest below.

Photo: TMZ