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Aside from all the partying and bullsh*tting, drug running, gun busting, twerking and molly popping, rap can be an emotional genre with substance, at times. And we ain’t talking about that emo, “My girl dumped me…I’m trying to find myself after becoming famous” cornball ish either.

We’re talking real music with universally touching topics. Subject matter real enough to touch even the meanest street cat to his core. Thugs aren’t supposed to shed tears over something as trivial as a song. But, there are some tunes that can make that mantra of “men don’t cry” hard to uphold by striking a nerve in the human psyche that can’t be avoided no matter how gully the individual is.

Here are 10 tracks that can rightfully make even the hardest Gs shed real tears. Go ahead and grab that box of viagra online Cleanex and that 40 oz. bottle of St. Ides. We won’t judge.

Photo: YouTube

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