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There are a host of Internet users who refused to even believe this to be a real thing. But, Flo Rida is selling some weird DJ toy, which is aimed at your holiday dollars. Will you buy it?

We all have dreams of being a star, and now, thanks to Grammy nominated Pop rapper Flo Rida, you’ll be able to make your attempt with his new product called “Beamz By Flo.” The “interactive music product” allows music fans and wannabe DJ’s alike to use focused laser beams on a controller, which triggers a multitude of sounds and audio samples.

Pre-packaged with 20 songs to tap your fingers to, Beamz comes included with cover versions of Michael Jackson‘s “Billie Jean,” Coldplay‘s “Clocks,” AC/DC, Adele, Rick James and, of course, Flo Rida. The 30-day risk-free guarantee ($19.95 cost for shipping and handling) promises audiophiles that they “just don’t listen to music, you make it.”

Garnering more attention than the product is Flo Rida’s commercial, which has been mocked already by Major Lazer‘s Splurt Zillions and EDM star Deadmau5.

The outspoken progressive-house music producer took to his Twitter page a few days ago to clown the 2-minute spot. A brief recap of his Twitter joke-fest can be seen below and on the following pages:

It’s safe to say that Deadmau5 had quite a bit of fun with this commercial, as he attempted to contact Flo through Twitter but realized that it was the wrong account. Whether you dream of being a star, want to see if “Beamz” is all as advertised, or just want to see if these lasers are really FDA approved — Flo Rida’s latest cash-grab reeks of failure.

Don’t believe us? You can check out the commercial for yourself below:

Props: Gizmodo

Photo: Beamz By Flo

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