Flo Rida still can’t shake Natasha Georgette Williams, the former model who alleges that he impregnated her with a baby with expectantly bad hair genes.

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In fairness, many of the rappers on this list are in “legal trouble” due to baby mama drama. (*slow clap*)


Jay Z has been lyrically none too kind towards MC Hammer’s financial struggle over the years but sadly, the IRS seems to agree.

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Flo Rida is one of the game’s most successful struggle rappers, but he’s not going to let just any chick get in his pockets. Although he admits to banging Natasha Georgette Williams in multiple cities, he wants DNA proof the baby she’s carrying is really his. 

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Miami rapper Flo Rida took a $170,000 loss in a bad real estate deal. The money was for a down payment for a home that was never signed over to him by its owners. 

Thanks to a very strict cultural code, being a bona fide Hip-Hop star takes a great deal of skill in making the record creating business look easy.

Safe sex or abstinence is one of the best ways to prevent creating a new legion of reckless baby mamas.

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Rappers and video girls. Athletes and cheerleaders. Biscuits and gravy. Sometimes the most obvious pairings are too hard the pass up. And sometimes, such obviousness will leave you a predictable tangled web of drama.


Chief Keef isn’t the only one engulfed in the child support struggle these days. According to TMZ, Flo Rida impregnated model, Natasha Georgette Williams and she’s already seeing dollar signs hanging from the bassinet.

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The music industry is surely a tough business; especially when it comes to Rap. Your lyrics better be on point, album features are expected to be star studded, the jewels need to bling blaow and the swag should always be pristine. Unfortunately a rapper’s great work in those categories can go out the window if […]

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There are a host of Internet users who refused to even believe this to be a real thing. But, Flo Rida is selling some weird DJ toy, which is aimed at your holiday dollars. Will you buy it?

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Flo Rida apparently can’t believe ladies of the Caucasian persuasion can possess rotund derrieres. Thus, he wrote a song about, and here is the video for “Can’t Believe It,” featuring Pitbull.