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Flo Rida still can’t shake Natasha Georgette Williams, the former model who alleges that he impregnated her with a baby with expectantly bad hair genes.

Until the child is born, the hitmaking rapper’s future with Williams is in limbo but new court documents are showing that he attempted to have the baby aborted to cover his bank account for potential future child support payments.

Via TMZ:

Flo Rida’s alleged baby mama says the rapper hasn’t given her a dime for prenatal care, but did offer her money for an abortion … according to court docs.

Natasha Georgette Williams is fighting Flo in court to get financial assistance — he won’t acknowledge he’s the daddy — but in a new court filing she claims he demanded she have an abortion … which she refused.

Flo says he wants DNA proof he’s the father, but Williams is refusing in utero testing — amniocentesis — because doctors told her it was invasive and risky for the baby’s health.

In the docs, Williams says she’s down for testing — once the baby’s born.

This is the complete opposite of what Floyd Mayweather would have done but every man has their own moral code.

Flo Rida–real name Tramar Dilliard–has been dealing with this issue since November. He admitted to engaging in sexual intercourse with Williams but has been optimistic that he’s being Billie Jeaned.

No reports as of yet when the baby is due but it should be sooner that later.

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