Natasha Georgette Williams

Flo Rida is currently trapped in a Maury Povich nightmare he’s not going to wake up from for at least 18 years.

Flo Rida still can’t shake Natasha Georgette Williams, the former model who alleges that he impregnated her with a baby with expectantly bad hair genes.

Flo Rida is one of the game’s most successful struggle rappers, but he’s not going to let just any chick get in his pockets. Although he admits to banging Natasha Georgette Williams in multiple cities, he wants DNA proof the baby she’s carrying is really his. 

Rappers and video girls. Athletes and cheerleaders. Biscuits and gravy. Sometimes the most obvious pairings are too hard the pass up. And sometimes, such obviousness will leave you a predictable tangled web of drama.

Chief Keef isn’t the only one engulfed in the child support struggle these days. According to TMZ, Flo Rida impregnated model, Natasha Georgette Williams and she’s already seeing dollar signs hanging from the bassinet.