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Rappers and video girls. Athletes and cheerleaders. Biscuits and gravy. Sometimes the most obvious pairings are too hard the pass up. And sometimes, such obviousness will leave you a predictable tangled web of drama.

The latest inductee into the Bangin’ Candy archives earned her placement just as most vixens do; a loose relation (or relations) with a Hip-Hop aficionado. However in the curious case of Ms. Natasha Georgette Williams, she’s claiming rap royalty before facts have been ironed out.

Hip-Hop/R&B/Pop/Laser technician, Flo Rida was recently slapped with a lawsuit for child support payments–for a child that has yet to be born. It is alleged by Williams and her legal counsel that Flo is the baby daddy and should be prepared to share some of the wealth with her and the baby.

Unlike the struggle that finds its way in Michael Jordan’s path, Williams is a certified looker; one that would be suspected to be latched upon the arm of a successful rapper.

Her credits include nothing more than showing her assets for modeling agencies to shop around but her Orlando, FL residence suggests she’s came into contact with Flo by happenstance.

Whether or not they will officially be a family is irrelevant here, however. Check out the gallery to peep Flo Rida’s accuser in all her golden glory.

Photo: HustleBunny, Instagram, Twitter

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