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Miami rapper Flo Rida took a $170,000 loss in a bad real estate deal. The money was for a down payment for a home that was never signed over to him by its owners. 

Reports TMZ:

Here’s the story — Flo claims he attempted to purchase the home from Florida couple Pierre and Marie Malette in 2009 … but the deal never closed.

Flo claims he handed over the money as a down payment, but the Malettes never signed over the house … leaving Flo with no house and no money. 

Sources close to Flo tell us he’s not as upset about the house — he wasn’t going to live there … it’s more about the dough.

The Malettes have since filed for bankruptcy … and now Flo has filed a claim in their case, demanding his $170K.

Good luck with that, bruh.

Photo: TMZ