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Thanks to a very strict cultural code, being a bona fide Hip-Hop star takes a great deal of skill in making the record creating business look easy.

You have to be accessible but not trendy. You have to edgy but not corny. Your music has to incorporate a pop sensibility while still having a decidedly Hip-Hop sound. All these rules combined with a bit of luck is a big reason why so many one-hit wonders have passed through the genre’s halls with no sign of things changing anytime soon.

Still, you’re always going to have your champions. The rappers who never cease to amaze when it comes to releasing bottle-popping anthems.

Artists such as Drake, 2 Chainz and Meek Mill are currently the new hotness but they have years of random single releases, unforgettable hook penmanship and #1 Billboard slots before they can enter in the hall of fame of Club Everywhere U.S.A.

We looked over the history books and came up with the 15 best club rappers of all-time judging not only their material and depth of catalog, but their raw talent and skill set as well.

Hit the gallery to see the list and feel free to add these songs to your weekend club hop playlist.

Photo: Seth Browarnik & Chris Farina

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