In addition, there was a wealth of diverse record stores in and around the area to cater to all kinds of music fans. As the sales numbers dropped and the quality of the music suffered that led to more CD burning and rampant music piracy. Before you knew it, not only could you not generate that same level of excitement for commercial Rap releases but the whole bottom also fell out of the Pop group/teen act/boy band wave beginning in 1999 so it soon began hard to generate excitement about anyone outside of a few choice individuals. There were no more clusters or multiple acts that generated similar buzz or interest in a post P2P site world thus no more big release dates like September 29th, 1998.

Every time there’s been a big music release date since they’ve been synthesized or strategically formulated in hopes of getting an apathetic fanbase of underwhelmed music buyers excited. In some cases it worked out but there will never be another purely organic release date that draws in Rap fans of all types into stores to buy physical product again. Especially albums that represented what these particular five did. The beginning of a dynasty. The end of an era. The promise of a new day. The ascension of new legends and the reunion one of Rap’s most influential groups. I still have all of the CD’s I bought that same night 15 years ago and I’ll never forget the genuine level of anticipation, eagerness and excitement exuded by the fans that came out that night. It saddens me this generation won’t experience this.

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