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Kanye West is an interesting fellow, to say the least. Within the last couple of years Yeezy has taken a very public stance against selling out as voiced in his “New Slaves” track. At a recent listening event for Pusha T, West went on an epic anti-corporate rant that might have done more hurt than good to the Chicago bred MC.

Ironically ‘Ye has been in bed with several different corporations since he was getting baby money. From luxury fashion houses to no contract mobile cell phone carriers, West has made a pretty penny over the years either collaborating with corporate America or being their promo man.

You’ll find 10 companies Kanye West has partnered up with in the past in the next couple of pages. Let us know which one made you feel in a ways the most in the comments section below.

Photos: YouTube, RapZines, Louis Vuitton, LRG, Billboard Magazine, Viacom, Complex Magazine, Boost Mobile

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