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It seems that Master P has some issues with his young homey Lil Wayne.  As previously reported, The Young Money leader expressed his opinion that he thought his home town New Orleans Saints would lose to Brent Favre and the Minnesota Vikings.  Obviously that wasn’t the case last week as fumbles and turnovers proved to be their downfall.

Well P has allegedly written a blog expressing his thoughts and his disappointment in Wayne’s choice.  Taking Wayne’s pick a lil’ too seriously, P sounds as if the fate of N.O. weighed on Birdman Jr.’s pick.

I mean really, it’s only a game.  Not like their win is gonna bring proceeds to fix up the Black neighborhoods since Hurricane Katrina although The French Quarters and Bourbon Street look like they were never touched.  Read Percy Miller’s disappointment below:

As a young child growing up in New Orleans, I always wanted to see the Saints go to the Super Bowl,” said P. “I’ve always worn black and gold colors as No Limit Jerseys and always represented for the New Orleans Saints by wearing their caps and jerseys.  The comment Lil Wayne made about New Orleans Saints losing to the Minnesota Vikings, made no sense to me as a New Orleans native.  This is our hope as a city after surviving Hurricane Katrina. This team should bring us together as people. I understand that he has the right to have his own opinion and comment or even root for another team if he wants to.

It’s just disappointing to hear this coming from a brother who was born and raised in New Orleans, made money off his music representing the city of New Orleans, talking about it in his lyrics.  I’m from Uptown New Orleans and I don’t care who the Saints play against, how good the opposing team is, nor what the odds are against them. I would never go against my team, the New Orleans Saints, or root for an opposing team playing against them. We’ve been waiting to get to the Super Bowl for 40 years and if we do, we will celebrate in Second Line.

I guess we won’t be hearing any Superbowl songs from Lil Wayne unless the Vikings win. This is sad for the fans in the city of New Orleans because they really thought Lil Wayne was down.  Most entertainers and athletes don’t realize that once you’re in the spotlight, you need to think about some of the things that you say because it will follow you throughout your career, good or bad.”

Now P,  we agree with the last part of your statement about entertainers and athletes not realizing what they say at times can come back to haunt them but this clearly ain’t the case.

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