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Questlove is admittedly a music nerd to the umpteenth degree. That said, The Roots drummer has a wealth of knowledge and typically jumps at the chance to display where his mind is, musically, which you can see via his discussion on music snobbery with Vanity Fair.

In this installment of “The Snob’s Dictionary,” Quest shares a few anecdotes and random facts ranging from one of his early conversations with Q-Tip to how meticulous he is while creating his three hour DJ sets. The most captivating moment of the discussion was about the Philly native’s course at New York University, and his best class to date.

“Here I am, this self-professed musical nerd that is all knowing. What’s the sense of having 70,ooo records or all this useless information about music if you don’t even teach it,” said Questlove, whose goal is to teach students how to listen to and absorb music.

Hear him describe the day he introduced the class to Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall below.

Photo: YouTube