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The year started off with a bang for Young Buck as he took off his kid gloves and promised to keep his foot pressed in the neck of 50 Cent and his affiliates until they gave him a means to get out of his contract.

With diss tracks coming from left and right, 50 Cent maintains his usual style of ignoring those that try and bring him into beef, but Tony Yayo decides to step up to the plate in order to finally put a nail in the coffin and quiet the storm that is Buck.

While some would come to think that Yayo would continue where his general left off on “So Disrespectful”, he actually throws his hands up on the whole situation and admittedly states that he’s getting tired of going back and forth and is bored with the whole thing at this point.

With DJ Whoo Kid on RadioPlanetTV,Yayo explained why he is bored with Young Buck and his relentless disses.

“I’m good man, rest in peace to Tick man…He frustrated. N*ggas know it’s rough in the rap game right now, only the strong are surviving. Riding in nice cars, rappers are gonna have to start rapping for food soon…A n*gga can keep saying what he wanna say, but as long as those checks keep coming for me, I’m good…He’s broke, what do you want me [to say?] How you spell broke? B-r-o-k-e. What do you do when a n*gga’s on his last legs, don’t have nothing, baby mom’s all over the place, you was eating Olivia.”

Well, maybe he just had to slide in that little jab just for good measure.

Check out the rest of the interview below and the music video for “Bullets Whistle” from his upcoming mixtape Gun Powder Guru dropping February 9.

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