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The 44th President of the United States delivered his first State of the Union address Wednesday and promised more jobs, a three year freeze on government spending and an end to the war in Iraq.

During the speech Obama made sure to scold Republicans for what he calls not keeping with “their responsibility to govern.”

Speaking to his Democratic comrades Obama reminded them that they still had safety in numbers and that if need be they’d continue to use their 60 vote advantage to pass bills.

“To the Democrats, I would remind you that we still have the largest majority in decades…if the Republican leadership is going to insist that 60 votes in the Senate are required to do any business at all in this town — a supermajority — then the responsibility to govern is now yours as well. Just saying no to everything may be good short-term politics, but it’s not leadership.”

Obama also promised to the troops in Iraq that they would be coming home soon as promised and that the U.S. would still continue to support the Iraqi government.

“We will support the Iraqi government — we will support the Iraqi government as they hold elections, and we will continue to partner with the Iraqi people to promote regional peace and prosperity. But make no mistake: This war is ending, and all of our troops are coming home.”

Obama also once again brought up his ambitious new plan to help the economy and offset the huge trillion dollar deficit, a three-year freeze on government spending.

“Starting in 2011, we are prepared to freeze government spending for three years. Spending related to our national security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security will not be affected, but all other discretionary government programs will.”

If you missed it you can check out President Obama’s State of The Union address below.

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