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“I need another occupation, can’t rap forever.”

As displeasing as it is to repeat the same fact on such a frequent basis, there’s no escaping the validity in the argument of how Hip Hop has changed and become more of a show than an actual showcase for rappers to have a platform for their ability to rhyme.

Styles P, a rapper from the 90s era, with The Green Ghost Project out next Tuesday, had found a way to maintain his position as a lyricist even with his last album being 4 years ago with Super Gangster, Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Outside of the album, the D-Block member is looking to broaden the brand on the back of himself, Jadakiss and Sheek Louch as they are underway with new projects ranging from music to literature to movies.

During an interview with Mr. Peter Parker, the Ghost spoke more on the future of D-Block and how his upcoming fiction novel, “Mr. Invincible” will create a new lane for him as an author once he’s done being a full time rapper.

“We got young D-Block.  I’m still in the game so I’m passing the baton back, but eventually I’ll be out of the relay.  It will be all on them and I can just spot check when I want to.  I think a lot of rappers and a lot of MCs forget to pass the torch and open the door for other people.  When I do that and I’m not playing the whole game, I wanna do something where I can play the whole game and I think being an author would be it.”

Being in the game so long, the Phantom also touched on when was his favorite time in rap.

“I would say the 90s was my favorite in, far as competition wise.  It was a real reason to wanna spit all the time.  You had B.I.G., Jay, Nas, us, Rae, Ghost.  You had the old Mobb Deep, Pun, so it was a whole bunch of spitters out at one time so it was like the lane was always filled.  If you was coming, you better make sure you came right.  I miss those kind of days.  These days it’s kind of easy, ain’t that many spitters.”

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