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After hearing General Larry Platt’s homemade song “Pants On The Ground” asserting young men everywhere to pull up their pants, millions of Americans became fans of the 62-year-old civil rights veteran.

Now after being bum rushed with American Idol fame, someone is calling out the General as a fraud.

A singing group, the Green Brothers,  allege that pants on the ground is strikingly similar to a song they copyrighted in 1996 titled “Backpockets On The Floor”, yes back pockets on the floor.

The song carries a similar message, encouraging youth to stop sagging and turn their fitted hats forward.

“Backpockets” also adds that it’s, time to say no to the gangs to the drugs and the dress code.

The Green Brothers have since put their video on YouTube with a message that says,

“This is in regaurds to the General Larry Platt “Pants on The Ground. His song is a take off of the Green Brothers song ” Back Pockets On The Floor’. Back Pockets On The Floor was written by G. Green andwas copyrighted and recorded by the Green Brothers in 1996. The General’s song have the same intent, idea and in part the same message. YOU BE THE JUDGE AMERICA!! “

So did General Platt steal pants on the ground???

What do you think?

Props to the message these older gentlemen are trying to send.

Some of you should take heed.