“We can criticize a street n***a, but we can’t be aware of the mindf**k that’s going on with these corporations and these motherf**kin’ giants. It’s a problem that Nip still values his product at $100—I get backlash from our culture. From the n***as that look like me. Most of these n***as rap for their damn selves. But when n***as go into the mall and buy $600 iPhones—and everybody’s got an iPhone—and stand in line for $1,000 shoes, and pay $5 a gallon for gas. That’s why I’m mad. That’s my objective and n***as gotta wake up. It’s a misinformed critique.”

The West Coaster makes a valid point here. People purchase products they deem a priority, regardless of price. All it takes is a bit of brand loyalty.

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