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As previously reported, California government passed the Donda West Law in honor of the late mother of Kanye West in fall of 2009.

The law was designed to promote cosmetic surgery safety after the untimely death of Donda West stemming from preexisting conditions.

Now with the law in place some cosmetic surgeons claim that the new law is ineffective and unnecessary.

The law requires a physical exam and medical history before cosmetic surgeries and according to surgeons like Dr. Michael Miguire, president of the American Society of Plastic surgeons, the law is redundant.

He states to CNN that the requirements of the law are “so fundamental as part of medical training and medical care that to require it by law seems to be moot.”

He then adds that it’s like telling doctors,

“Make sure you suture up all the wounds.’ At what point does it become absurd?”

While Donda West’s doctor Jan Adams claims that she underwent several pre-surgery consultations, several members of her family maintain that she did not.

In related news Donda’s son Kanye is seeing an ease in his legal woes now that criminal charges have been dropped against him.

Ye was facing criminal charges for breaking the equipment of two camera men during an incident at LAX in 2008.

Along with Ye his manager was charged with battery, grand theft and vandalism.

All of the charges have been dropped now that both men have successfully completed anger management classes and performed community service.