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Possible presidential candidate, Coonye oops, we mean Kanye West is still gearing up to drop a new album. The rapper surprised fans with a new song dedicated to his late mother.

It seems that Kanye West‘s plans for his childhood home aren’t coming to fruition without a few problems after the city of Chicago halted renovation to the old crib.

The medical professional who has long been viewed as the person who caused the death of Donda West has spoken out and wants no parts of her son’s newest project.

Kanye West‘s trolling has managed to hit even higher levels of awkwardness. The Chicago rapper will reportedly be putting a photo of his late mother’s plastic surgeon on his album cover. 

Kanye West might not be the most popular person this week, but he’s gearing up to announce big plans for his hometown of Chicago. By way of a new initiative called Donda Social, West and many of his high-profile friends who also hail from the Windy City are banding together to bring positive change.

The Landmarks Illinois Skyline Council and Donda’s House have teamed up to “heart-bomb” Kanye West‘s childhood home in Chicago for this upcoming Valentine’s Day. 

Up until November 10, 2007, nationally renown cosmetic surgeon Jan Adams was on top of the world. He had a thriving practice and an active celebrity roster but on that aforementioned day, his entire life crumbled when the last patient he worked on–Dr. Donda West, better known as Kanye West’s mother, died hours after he […]

Following his performance at Steve Stoute’s wedding in East New York last night, Kanye West was blessed with a gift of his own. As he and wife Kim Kardashian were making their exit through the streets, a fan timed his movement perfectly and gave him a custom-made painting of his late mother, Donda West holding […]

For all his successes and triumphs, Kanye West still has one regret.

The surgeon who operated on Dr. Donda West is adamant that he did not cause her death. Dr. Jan Adams is pointing the finger at a West family cousin and poor post-surgery care is what actually led to her untimely demise. 

Kanye West‘s late mother, Donda West, was the first true believer in his talent. Recently, a rare video of Yeezy and his mom discussing his rhymes and performing “Hey Mama” hit the Internets.

Kanye West reminded us over the weekend to cherish our mothers while we still can, beyond the more and more propagandized “Mother’s Day” holiday.