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If you have to speculate on why he calls himself “October’s Very Own,” you’re not very shrewd. Scorpio season is upon us and Drake is one of its biggest advocates. On this day, Oct. 24, 2013, the Canadian crooner who knew it would never be the same since he put a chokehold on the music industry has turned 27-years-young. A day in the life of Drizzy is already like a movie (according to the various exploits of his songs) so you can expect the born day to be all-the-way turned up.

Yesrerday, although he’s currently on tour for the Would You Like A Tour?, Driz still found time to dress up like a member of the Corleone family, take in a Raptors game and blow out the candles on his cake. It should be taken into account that the delicacy in question was no ordinary cake, as it was modeled after his old apartment, with the title “Started From the Bottom” plastered across the top. Fellow tourmates and Scorpios, Miguel (who recently celebrated his birthday just yesterday) and Future also partook in the festivities.

He’s been criticized for having material that continuously sounds woeful but for now, we all should be grateful that he keeps his humble beginnings close to his heart. Check out the gallery to see an in-depth look on how Drake spent his birthday.

Photo: Instagram

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