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Everybody knows Ice Cube for being a guerilla in the mist that rolled with the Lench Mob, but in 2013, he thinks Everythang’s Corrupt and he’s switching up his approach.

He’s a monster, of the Bigfoot persuasion to be exact. His new video, “Sasquatch” is a nightmare-in-the-woods horrorcore fest that’s just on time for Halloween.

The scenery takes us through a haunted forest with the Westside connector playing the role of the terrorized, leaving victims slaughtered by the trees. The video doesn’t offer an explanation on a “why” innocent college kids are being butchered but fans of movie thrillers will be pleased nonetheless.

Admittingly there’s some struggle bars on the musical tip (“He is baby ass/I’m like diaper rash.” Really!?) but we have to give the legend his props for keeping it going for four decades and counting. What’s your thoughts on Ice Cube’s latest? Scary or sorry? We’d love to hear your feedback.

Photo: YouTube