Hip Hop may be the platform for an artist to spin their street tales to the masses, but some have come to find out that the rap money doesn’t stretch that far and there must be other means to support one’s self as they perfect their craft in music.

Mos Def is an artist that has been able to create a balance and embrace the best of both worlds with his movie and music career, granted the movies have somewhat eclipsed the albums is the average fan was unaware of Def’s history.

For Chicago rapper Common, his history may have started in music, but the last decade has seen the rapper on the silver screen with 4 albums dropping and being featured in 5 movies.

Appearing on the red carpet during the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, the rapper spoke with TV Guide to reveal his upcoming leading role alongside Queen Latifah for the film “Just Wright” where the rapper gets to place on a new hat as an NBA basketball player.

The film serves as a romantic comedy as Latifah plays the role of a physical therapist that ends up falling for Common’s character as she helps him recover from a career-threatening injury.

Never losing sight of his roots, Common is currently in the process of preparing his 9th studio album, The Believer, but is still out trying to grab those movie checks.

Check the footage below to see what else Common will be starring in soon:

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