DJ Quik left fans and media alike on edge the other day when he announced that he was selling all his equipment and would never “remix or engineer again.”

There was obvious frustration in his typing tone, stemming from his MPC being stolen from his own residence. There’s no honor amongst thieves especially when they’re tampering with the work of a Hip-Hop legend.

Call it a moment of clarity or simple misunderstanding but as XXL reports, the rapper/producer is still planning to create music–just on his own terms.

“I wouldn’t call it retirement,” Quik said. He explained that while he still has plans to get rid of his production equipment, he did not rule out producing for “real projects” for established artists. Quik’s statement was fueled by his discontent with today’s music industry model, which hasn’t paid as well—monetarily or respect-wise—as it once did.

“There is a bunch of things that I don’t understand about how this new business works,” Quik said. “Traditionally, I get paid for engineering and mixing people’s records, and there used to be a king’s ransom in that back in the day. Now, there is so little that it’s not important. There’s not enough money to warrant sitting in the studio with people and learning your trade secrets for two or three grand, it’s not worth it. So I took that off my resume. It’s off my resume so no more engineering for these new artists.”

It’s 2013 and many an artist have been forced to reroute their course to continue on the path of success. DJ Quik is as resourceful as anyone. We’re sure he’ll figure it out.

Photo: YouTube

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