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To commemorate all of the Halloween festivities, we spoke with acclaimed actor/screenwriter Kevin Grevioux about his upcoming monstrous creation (I, Frankenstein), stereotypical tropes used in film and more.

Upon first glance at the Chicago, Illinois-born actor, screenwriter, and comic book writer, you’d think that he was a former NFL standout who has taken his talents to Hollywood. Sorely, you’d be mistaken, as the 6’2″ humble giant spent his time solely in his books. After graduating with a degree in microbiology from the famed Howard University in Washington, D.C., Grevioux built his name up as a bit player in films such as Steel, Congo, and Tim Burton‘s Planet of the Apes remake.

In 2003, he merged his love of science with his talented pen game and came up with the original concept for Underworld, a sci-fi action-horror film that blew up into a box office franchise. After spawning two sequels and a prequel, Grevioux began crafting his next uniquely crafted premise, I, Frankenstein. Based on the DarkStorm graphic novel, director Stuart Beattie collaborated with Grevioux in adapting the project for the big screen. The plot would find Frankenstein’s monster, named Adam (played by Aaron Eckhart) serving as the only force to protect mankind in a war between two immortal entities.

While on an early press run for the action-thriller pic, we got a chance to chop it up with the gravelly-voiced Mr. Grevioux (pronounced Gree-vee-us) about I, Frankenstein‘s origins, which legendary creature feature he’d love to remake, what his first Halloween costume was, and some stern advice to “Black Hollywood.”

You can listen to the full chat below and watch the trailer on the next page:

I, Frankenstein also stars Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto and Jai Courtney.

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