Hip-Hop Wired: Ty-Dolla $ign jokingly said he taught you how to make beats, is that true?

DJ Mustard: [Laughs] He didn’t teach me how to make beats, I watched him make beats, but he kinda guided me. I don’t make beats on the same things that Ty makes beats on. I make beats under several different programs, but I was influenced by Ty. We don’t make the same type of music, I make ratchet club anthems, he makes real music. Not to say my music ain’t real music …but he makes [music with] all the instruments and stuff, I don’t do all that.

Hip-Hop Wired: When did you know you wanted to be a producer?

DJ Mustard: I never was like ‘Ima be a producer.’ I was deejaying since I was 11. I just started producing because of my homeboy Y.G., he didin’t have nobody to make beats. Everybody was doing their own thing so I just started making beats and trying to figure it out. Once I got it, I just stuck with it and it turned out good.

Hip-Hop Wired: Did making beats come natural, or was it something you had to work on?

DJ Mustard: I really worked hard. I made a lot of beats that were wack before I ever got good. It wasn’t easy but it’s like anything you do. If you start running everyday, you’re gonna get better. Anything you [practice] you get better at.

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