Hip-Hop Wired: You signed with Roc Nation earlier in the year, what’s next?

DJ Mustard:  Basically what I was doing with the [Ketchup] mixtape was [showing] the people that I can do my own body of work, and not just give away hits. But at the same time make my own hits and go DJ at a club and play two hours of my own music. Now, I’m looking to do like a Lil Jon album, [or] Khaled album. The West Coast doesn’t have anybody like that.”

Hip-Hop Wired: Why did you chose Roc Nation?

DJ Mustard: Roc Nation is just Roc Nation, it almost doesn’t get bigger than that when it comes to management. It’s not too many managers that you can take sh-t from. It’s a lot of managers in the music industry, but you know not to play with Roc Nation! You just want to align yourself with people that’s better, and people that’s gonna make you better.

Hip-Hop Wired: How has it made you better thus far?

DJ Mustard: It’s perfect, I just work with bigger people now. They put you with people you’re supposed to be with. They run a good business, just like being on a basketball team. It’s [about] who you trust and think they’re gonna believe in you. That’s really what I was going for, somebody who was gonna believe in me and understood my music.

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