Hip-Hop Wired: What else are you working on?

DJ Mustard: I like to give surprises, I don’t like to just give it away. I just finished Y.G.’s album, and I’m just trying to work with everybody that I can possibly work with, I just did some stuff with Wiz [Khalifa] the other day too, so now it’s just album time.

Hip-Hop Wired: Do you have a release date for the album?

DJ Mustard: I’m not sure yet, I think I’ma drop a single at the top of they year. I got a single already so….

Hip-Hop Wired:  What’s title, and who’s on the single?

DJ Mustard: It’s clearances issues, so I don’t wanna tell you. People are on the record already but it’s just…I got something with Chris Brown, I got some sh-t with Kid Ink…it just depends on which one I’m gonna go with.

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