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The names that top Forbes‘ Richest Hip-Hop Artists’ list got their start by being an everyman. With rap revenue in a recession, do these next-gen rappers have what it takes to stand out?

Gone are the days where you couldn’t imagine a Hip-Hop artist standing alongside legendary entrepreneurs. The culture has created millionaires such as Diddy and Jay Z who look right at home next to the likes of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. As those looking to make a name for themselves continue to capitalize on the power of their brand, lesser-known rappers are beginning to build their own diversified empires, as well.

Not everyone can have the successful grind or work ethic of a Curtis Jackson or Dr. Dre, but that shouldn’t stop one from making ‘fedda.

We hypothesize 15 potential money-making side hustles for a number of rappers who have already created strong names in the entertainment world.

We start with a young rhymeslinger who doesn’t have to depend on the music industry to put food on the table:

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Diggy Simmons

This youthful progeny of Joseph Simmons has been able to keep his cool kid collection official through partnerships with BET, AT&T and Coca-Cola. To increase his brand awareness, the youngest member of the All City Chess Club should invest in the FIDE by becoming their brand ambassador.

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