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L.atasha A.lcindor delivers dope to the people — no Nino Brown — in her new track “MOMA.” The MC spits over a Ken 10 track effortlessly.

Experimental and different from her other work, the lyricist is dispersing knowledge while padding the track with clever double-entendres. From the museum to alluding to sucking her “MOMA,” she brings a gritty feel to the song’s production.

You may recognize A.lcindor by her previous rap moniker, L.A. She discussed the name change in an interview with Afropunk saying, “L.atasha A.lcindor is what God told my momma to call me…so it’s about time the rest of the world called me that too.”

New listeners will definitely enjoy her flow. Listen to “MOMA” below and download if you like.

Photo : Soundcloud