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Busta Rhymes is priming ears for his upcoming album on Cash Money Records, E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) 2, and the general of the Conglomerate lets loose a fresh jewel from the record. The latest single “Thank You” features longtime collaborator Q-Tip, with some choice adlibs from Lil Wayne and Kanye West as well.

Sampling the classic 1981 Alicia Myers tune “I Want To Thank You, Busa Buss and The Abstract trade bars over a chopped loop after a quick intro from Tunechi. Wasting no time, Busta goes for broke by employing a speedy, nearly-breathless flow. And as far as bars go? Pretty mean, we’ll say.

“Swag mania pop the ghost most/Carry the most beautiful b-tches with us, happily toast/Keep the faculty close, gross when we give ’em a dose/Got ’em on D and leanin’ on each coast, scenery froze,” starts Busta.

“Please don’t throw up, hold your liquor grow up/If you robbin’ n-ggas, we gon’ show you how to blow up/Thank your lucky stars , it’s the rap czars, tuck ya sh-t in, my n-ggas bite like rin tin tin,” follows Q-Tip.

Instead of us trying to transcribe the track, which does it no justice, just peep the word wizardry from the East Coast veterans below. Check out Yeezy going for his on the hook around the 1:38 mark.

E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) 2 is slated to drop in 2014.

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