Unlike most detractors, Troy went and crafted the music he thought was needed and necessary. But that isn’t surprising after speaking to him. The rapper strikes us as the type of guy that’s patient, but hates to have his time wasted or do the same to others. You’ve seen that person before.

New York City: The Album is a direct reflection of Troy’s personality. It’s very self aware, but that same cognizance is the reason he’s more than confident — cocky even. That, in part, is the attitude of a star in the making, though. At the moment, he’s still independent. No, he’s really independent. Speaking on that, Troy said, “A lot of rappers and f**king companies brand themselves as independent, but they don’t really be independent.”

Other upstarts have developmental deals with a label pushing him behind the scenes, but that isn’t the case for Harry Powder. However, he isn’t opposed to signing with a major; he’s actually planning on it.

“It’s like stock. You just build equity in it, and then you sell it,” the wordsmith eloquently explained. “You make sure when you sell it that you still sit at the top of he board as the chairman and CEO. I’m definitely going to cash out. I’m just going to cash out at the highest point.”


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