Again, the rap game clearly mirrors the crack game. It’s all about the art of the flip. But at the end of the day, your product has to be potent. “If you hear what I’m talking about in my music, you can see I was successful in the streets. If you don’t keep your word, you can’t be successful in the streets,” Troy relayed.

He continued, “Your respect and your word is everything, and I would be a damn, f**king fool… I’d be just like these other n***as if I told them, ‘I got album of the year. I’m about to have the biggest sh*t out. This the best sh*t you heard,’ and then it not be that.”

Troy, who exclaimed “I knew it wasn’t nothing short of greatness,” vocalized that he could never be humble in his craft. And why should he? There’s only one person that’ll truly see, support, and see through with your vision: You.

Ten years from now, New York City: The Album could be one of the Crown Heights local’s crowning achievements. But let’s live in the moment and celebrate another notch for potent, NYC Hip-Hop.


“Red Cup”

“Lord Is My Witness”


“New York City”

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