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Good songs don’t just happen overnight–or do they? Buckshot speaks on the contrary as he recounts the moments leading up to him recording with Eminem for “Don’t Front.”

Fans of Duck Down Records were surely taking aback when the exclusive Call of Duty: Ghosts bonus track was a homage to Black Moon’s “I Got U Opin.” Buckshot, co-founder of Duck Down Records, also expressed his surprise in an interview with MTV.

“Dru [Ha] called me and said Em did “I Got U Opin”–the original off the album. And I was like ‘WORD?!?’,” the veteran MC exclaimed. But it got even better. “The thing is, he wants you to come down and work with him on the vocals.”

It was already established that Black Moon rapper would do the track, no questions asked. Yet it was the timing that came as the real kicker. When Buckshot asked when this throwback studio session would take place, they simply told him it was a 24 hour turnaround. “I literally had to fly out the next day to Detroit and do the track.”

The remix of Black Moon’s classic record tends to be the more popular version seeing that it was officially released as a single. But given Eminem’s history as a battle rapper, Buckshot wasn’t surprised at his choice to take it all the way to the essence.

As Eminem stated in the track, he was in talks to sign with Duck Down before he ultimately decided to sign with Dr. Dre. Yet, Buckshot knows it was for the best.

“I’m so glad he didn’t sign with Duck Down because everything happens for a reason.”

In this case, we received a standout record that captured Hip-Hop in one its purest forms. Watch the entire video below.

Photo: MTV