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Anytime there is a conflict, there is always multiple sides to the story. And the chances of the truth being revealed are usually on the low end.

It’s not secret that the Wu-Tang Clan’s internal problems have caused riffs in their group output over the years. Just this past weekend, RZA went on the record to publicly name Raekwon as the ringleader behind the delay of the alleged final album for the group, A Better Tomorrow.

Raekwon offered up a swift rebuttal backed with some hidden innuendo tweets but it seems like he’s going to have the convince the people a little further.

The certified Twitter account for the Wu-Tang Clan (blue check mark and all) went out of its way to side with RZA for their nearly 280K followers to witness.

The account mostly operates as a hub for link dumping to the Wu Store and iTunes for Clan-related releases yet from seemingly out of nowhere, one of the operators announced, “Raekwon not giving input holds up 20th anniversary album and movement.”

As a full-fledged nine-man collective (sometimes eight, give or take an album), the reference was made due to the recent anniversary of Enter the Wu-Tang: (36 Chambers) sparking a movement 20 years ago in 1993. The group went on to make an endless stream of classic hits that made their mark on the charts and underground.

Raekwon chose to ignore the tweets this time around but the onslaught bore witness to a slew of reactions.

Check them out in the gallery below. Can it be that it was all so simple?

Photo: Twitter, Facebook, BET

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