Although there are rumblings in Washington that Republican senator and Tea Party proponent Ted Cruz is aiming his sights towards a bid for the White House in 2016, he may have to do some damage control first. Cruz’s father landed on the national radar after video surfaced of him publicly stating that Blacks are “uniformed” and “deceived” while adding they should be Republicans.

Back in February, Rafael Cruz, an evangelical pastor, addressed a grassroots summit while sitting on a panel regarding minority outreach. The senior Cruz, a Cuban-American and conservative Christian, remarked at the FreedomWorks summit that Hispanics and Blacks are being misled politically, agreeing with another speaker before him.

“There was a Mr. Gonzalez who mentioned something about Hispanics being uninformed or deceived. Well, the same thing is true of the black population,” Cruz said.

He passionately added, “As a matter of fact, if we could communicate the truth, not only to the Hispanics but to the black population, all blacks should be Republican and all Hispanics should be Republican.”

Cruz also said that conservatives and Republicans looking to reach minorities need to do away with “political connectedness” and boldly stated that the civil rights Blacks have earned in the country cam by way of his party.

No comment from Sen. Cruz’s office regarding his father’s outburst. Can’t imagine this is going over well for the GOP right now.

Hit the next page to peep the video of Rafael Cruz’s speech. It begins at the 10:28 mark.


Photo: Des Moines Register

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