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Hip-Hop didn’t pull its style, swag and samples from thin air. Like highwater slacks to younger siblings, they were passed down from an elder generation as a bundle of knowledge.

Baby boomers of their respective era will offer up their biased opinions but few can argue that the 1970s were a cultural anomaly that may take centuries to duplicate. The hairstyles for men and women. The outlandish clothes. The lingo. The fads were all destined to flame out as a result of their extreme trendiness but in just about every statistical category of society, you can find a carbon footprint left behind.

Rap music was built on the soul and soil that was planted from 70s music and it was inevitable that MCs would reflect that in their art. Namely their music videos.

Most rappers that benefited from the big video budgets were either born in the 70s or shortly thereafter but just because they didn’t actually live it, doesn’t mean they couldn’t reenact the scenarios.

Continue on to the gallery for your utmost viewing pleasure. From pimps to players to psychedelic flavor, it’s all included.

Here’s 11 rap videos inspired by the 70s.

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