Sylvester Stallone is starring in the forthcoming Grudge Match film but may have to explain himself to his castmate Kevin Hart about this one. Yesterday (November 14), Sly allegedly hurled the N-word at a paparazzo while leaving a cafe in Beverly Hills. 

Reports TMZ:

Sylvester Stallone had some harsh words for a paparazzo in Beverly Hills Thursday … grousing, “This f**king n***er here, this f**ker.”

Sly was leaving Caffe Roma with a friend.  They were followed by a group of photogs.  Sly then hurls the racial epithet.  It comes at 7 seconds into the clip.

The video is a little difficult to hear, but as Sly turns the corner and looks over his right shoulder — back at the paparazzi — you clearly hear him use the n word.  A little later in the video, you hear a female photog say to Sly, “Why the racial slurs?”

There were African-American photogs shooting Sly at Caffe Roma, but it’s unclear if the epithet was directed at them.

Needless to say, Stallone has denied using the word.

Sly’s rep tells TMZ, the actor DENIES using the N word.  The rep says Sly is insistent, he said, “F**king Ass**le.”  The rep says the woman in the video who says, “Why the racial slurs?” was NOT talking directly to Sly.  The rep says the photog made the comment so she could pump up the value of the video.

Check out the video of Stallone allegedly hurling the n-word over at TMZ.

Photo: TMZ

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