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The hubbub surrounding Jay Z’s “A New York Holiday” collection has been distracting to say the least. While a chunk of the general public have failed to come to grips with the “Tom Ford” rapper’s decision to continue on with his charitable campaign, it’s also altered the rollout of the products.

A celebratory bash was supposed to kick off the unveiling of the collaboration with Barneys New York but it was recently cancelled.

To backtrack, two separate incidents of alleged racial profiling within the retailer’s aisles have marred the image of the Shawn Carter Collection.

All the proceeds have been intended to go to charity. It’s not like Mr. Carter needs to the money, anyway. He was recently spotted having dinner with reps for the New York Mets to discuss the possibility of his client, Robinson Cano entering a multi-million dollar deal.

The only uncertainty that remains is a threat of a boycott. However, Barneys just unveiled the items included in the collection and the prices indicate that not too many blue-collar individuals will be risking getting their credit cards withheld.

Those looking for $1,300 hoodies, $900 baseball hats or $58,000 crocodile jackets have definitely come to the right place. Although the experience will likely be heightened in-store, shoppers with the bankroll can still purchase items online.

Whether you’re a window shopper or platinum card carrier, proceed on to the gallery to see what all the fuss has been about.

Photo: Barneys

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