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Monster® has been proven to show that they’re always going to be among the who’s who’s when it comes to audio enhancement. And with the release of their new product, we should see a paradigm in musicians looking for a “hands on” experience.

The Monster® GO-DJ™ is a portable apparatus that is turntable, laptop and cord free. Not to mention it features dual touch-panel LCD screens, hardware knobs, a crossfader, and a line-in 1/8” headphone jack that can be used with almost any audio source.

Noel Lee, CEO of Monster Inc, while obviously slightly biased offers an educated opinion. In a press release he stated, “The Monster® GO-DJ™ is a game changer. The Monster® GO-DJ™ takes the DJ out of the booth, takes producers and musicians out of the studio, and allows them to make music anywhere they are. The performing DJ will never be the same again.”

If the Monster namesake wasn’t credible enough, Q-Tip and DJ D-Lyfe recently debuted the product at the Spin Awards.

The Monster® GO-DJ™ is retailed at $599.95. Serious disc jocks or even casual music enthusiasts should consider it a steal.

The following gallery features plenty of pics that show the various angles of the GO-DJ™ and there’s also a video that gives you better virtual breakdown. It’s available for purchase on the company’s official site,

Photo: Monster

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