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Lil Scrappy just barely watched the ink dry on his new contract and he’s already trying to bring crunk back. The Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star has been accused of trashing a hotel room during a concert stint in Texas, amounting to $2,000 in destruction residue.

Like any rapper who halfway paid attention in social studies class, he’s pleading innocent until proven guilty.

Reports TMZ:

The promoter says cops showed up because of the noise, and found the room in shambles — drink stains on walls, a hotel phone submerged in water, and the classiest combo ever … wine and buffalo wing sauce spewed all over the carpet.

Here’s the thing … Scrappy tells us he was only at the party for a few minutes — so he says the mess ain’t his problem.

The promoter says he got stuck with the $2,000 tab for the damages — and is threatening to get lawyers involved if Scrappy doesn’t reimburse him immediately.

The former “Prince of Crunk” has been known for his wild ways and impulsive behavior. Still, if he said he’s not responsible, that means a judge will most likely be deciding the outcome.

Hit the gallery to see how Scrappy’s time in Texas was spent.

Photo: TMZ, Instagram

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