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The American service industry is full of hard-working people who are underpaid for their time. To add insult, these A-list celebrities are notorious for behaving badly and leaving little-to-no tips as gratuity.

From Sean “Diddy” Combs to NBA champion (and future Hall of Famer) LeBron James are well-known throughout the service industry for whooping it up, eating a beaucoup lot of food, and then leaving a paltry offering as a tip. With the wait staff, and TMZ, all watching, proof has been documented that not all elite stars are generous.

One would think that these glamorous personalities would be more gracious and forthcoming towards the public that has helped them to achieve such acclaim, but the answer is simply no. As waiters and waitresses take to social media to out infamous cheapskates, we take a look at the worst of the worst among them. Here, we list our top 10 Worst Celebrity Tippers.

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We start off with a four-time MVP and two-time NBA champion who loves to pass the ball more than the buck:

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LeBron James

Out of all the otherworldly gifts, King James was blessed with, he never got the talent for tipping. After racking up an $800 bill, the NBA great left only a $10 tip.

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