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Hip-Hop’s influential nature should not be undermined by artists and fans alike. Whether it is a good or bad influence, most likely depends on the individual.

The survey says the influence that A$AP Rocky and his band of misfits give off falls in the gray area. At least, that is the case for one North Carolina preteen who allegedly penned him a letter that hints he’s more versed in Shabba than spelling.

Graceson Scott Reeves tried to deliver a backhanded ode to the “Fashion Killer” rapper to his local post office. Only thing was, he didn’t put a stamp on it, y’know to actually make sure it’s delivered?

Postal worker and Instagram user, Ray the Destroyer took matters into his own hands and posted it for A$AP, Graceson and the world to see. Warning, the following content may make you less smarter.

Dear A$AP, Hi I am Graceson Reeves I am probably your number one fan. I am writing this fan letter for a grade. Were doing a project at CGMS also because I love you’r music. I live in a small town called King in NC witch is probably a place were you will never visit. So lets talk about me. My name is Graceson Scott Reeves. I love writting and listening to music. My favorite song in the world is wild for the night. I really wish you would send me your CD because I have looked for it but I cant find it. So that would be greatly apprisheated. I know your song F!@#$%& Problems went gold. I know your 25 years old. I know you use to move a lot. I also know you use to sell drugs. I know your labels are RCA Sony and Polo Grounds. I also know you were arested for beating a man in a clothing store. Sincerely, Graceson

On his Instagram post, Ray stated, “Got some mail for @asvpxrocky at the Mishka office from a middle schooler. I can ignore most of the grammatical errors but dude didn’t even put the $ on the envelope.”

God save the youth. Venture on the next page to see the uncensored version of the letter.

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Photo: Instagram

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