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A rapper selling his mixtape for $100 sounds ridiculous, but Nipsey Hussle did just with Crenshaw. The success and fan support the project received upon its release (Jay Z copped 100 copies) means more leverage for Neighborhood Nip when he decides who to partner his All Money In label with to drop his proper debut, Victory Lap, next year. 

Putting Crenshaw out with a $100 price point and moving units proved that Nip is a force to be reckoned with in the game. The tall and slim rapper literally demonstrated what he can do, and that was the entire point.

“I wanted to demonstrate that we’re completely self-sufficient. That we can do every part of this process,” Nipsey told Hip-Hop Wired about getting Crenshaw into the hands of his fans. “We had a great understanding of each part of the process. We had something to add on the photography side, on the engineering, on the songwiting, on the rapping, on the marketing…”

Having an understanding of the entire process of getting his art from the studio to the store, along with providing music fans want to put their money behind, means Nipsey’s All Money In is no one’s “imprint”  or boutique label. The calls have been coming in from major labels trying to get down but Nipsey and his team, but he is carefully weighing the options because he considers All Money In a business on par with some notable entities.

“When we do go into a situation with a partner, it won’t be on no just turn in the records [and] sit over here and rap,” he says. “Our demonstration will speak that we are involved and we are skilled at every point, we have a unique perspective on every aspect of the process. Sort of like Apple or American Apparel or any of these companies [that are] completely vertically integrated; their situation is consistent all the way through.”

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Photo: Hip-Hop Wired