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Although the “Fall 2013” timestamp has since came and went, Redman is still serious about his Muddy Waters 2 and he recently hopped on YouTube to prove it with a new mixtape sampler.

Released in 1998, the initial Muddy Waters has been christened by many Redman fans as his best work to date. With big, dirty shoes to fill, Reggie Noble seems like he’s up for the challenge let loose some of the finished product for the e-community to witness.

While there were no actual song titles given, the good Funk Doctor wasn’t stingy on his track selection; playing at least five records while he and his homie, Josh puffed plenty of herbal essence.

Unlike his past few offerings, which have been less-than-stellar, MW2 appears to have plenty of variety, mixing in Rastafarian vibes and 192BPM tracks that align themselves with 2013 Hip-Hop.

The New Jersey MC also recently made an appearance in a Reebok commercial alongside fellow Brick City vet, Shaquille O’Neal. Usually when artists start to lend their mug to promotional vehicles of the like, the finished product is not too far behind.

MW2 is still without a concrete date but Red is fielding pre-order requests on his official website. Watch the video below and see if the songs move you to place that down payment.

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